A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charitable Organization & Advocacy


About AOE

Angels Of Epilepsy, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity and advocacy organization that supports, advocates, and provides educational information and resources within the epilepsy community. AOE started in 2008 and has assisted many survivors and families throughout the state of Georgia mainly, as well as in other US States, and communities around the world.

Our main goal is to supply the needs for survivors and families within the epilepsy community. We provide medical ID accessories, transportation, assistance with prescriptions, as well as hospital gift bags, hotel lodging, and more. Throughout each year, AOE has health seminars, workshops, and other events to share much information and resources about epilepsy and first-aid tips for seizures. Over the past few years, Angels Of Epilepsy Foundation has received awards for the positive impact we make in our community; one of which was received in 2017 called the Classy Living Award in recognition of our dedication and impact through service.


Natalie Y. Beavers

Founder and President

Meet the Founder of AOE

Natalie Y. Beavers is an epilepsy survivor, advocate, and mentor in the epilepsy community. Living with epilepsy for over 3 decades, surviving brain surgeries, and interacting with many survivors like herself, gave Natalie the idea to start an organization to assistance epilepsy survivors and their families during their battle. She has traveled to many states to talk about epilepsy and the importance to advocate.
Natalie is the creator of "The Seizure Diary" which was published in 2013 and has sold nationwide and in 7 countries so far. Natalie also received the 2018 WEGO Health Lifetime Achievement Award.

(WATCH) Natalie Beavers Story—From Tragedy to Advocacy - YouTube

Meet Natalie and watch her inspiring journey as a mother who experienced seizures and relied on the support of her sons to help her in her fight and how tragedy turned into triumph and inspired her to go from person with epilepsy to epilepsy advocate, including starting XCOPRI® (cenobamate tablets) CV along the way.

Recognition of Epilepsy Awareness Month - Liberty University football game, November 11, 2023

Angels of Epilepsy organization gives much thanks to ESPN and reporters for sharing our Vice President, CJ Daniels who’s a Liberty University football player, and about his mother - our President, Natalie Y. Beavers and the recognition of National Epilepsy Awareness Month!

Full Episode- Walker vs. Rhodes: In Sickness And In Health

Natalie Beavers is featured in this episode of Divorce Court as High school sweethearts Centerica and Tyrell are dealing with a health problem that’s causing financial trouble. Tyrell says Centerica needs to be more understanding of his epilepsy diagnosis.