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What is Project Uplift?

Project Uplift is a program that teaches the skills for managing and improving stress, mental health, and quality of life. The goal of Project UPLIFT is to empower people with epilepsy to improve their own mental health through mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral skills.
Our thoughts and activities affect our mood, stress, and anxiety. By attending to our thoughts, we can learn which thoughts affect our mental health. By learning to challenge these thoughts or let them go, we are empowered to improve our own mental health.
UPLIFT increases participation in pleasant activities to improve mental health. UPLIFT is delivered in a group setting, through 8 weekly telephone sessions with an UPLIFT trained facilitator. Methods taught include challenging thoughts, behavioral activation, coping, problem-solving, and mindfulness. You will receive a participant manual and CD.


What participants learned:

    Skills for enhancing mental health.
    Skills to reduce/eliminate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress
    How to improve your quality of life through minfulness.

What participants received:

    8 weekly telephone sessions with an UPLIFT trained facilitator.
    Participants manual and CD

Those who were eligible:

    Be 18 years or older
    Be diagnosed with epilepsy
    Be able to read and write in English
    Have access to phone for 8 weekly sessions.
    Complete the screening tools.

Project UPLIFT was developed with funding from the Centers fro Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The program is highlighted in the 2012 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report entitled Epilepsy Across the Spectrum. The results of this program were awarded the Rebecca Goldberg-Kaufman Ethical Neuropsychiatry Award from the American Epilepsy Society in 2012.